"Little deeds are like little seeds."

Your purchase of Wilde Canyon products supports programs that share our values of Stewardship, Interdependence, Sustainability, and Optimism. 

Pollinator Power

Through a series of workshops centered around the school grounds, we teach students what it means to be a steward of the environment. Through each monthly workshop and the planting process we touch on the following lessons:  Citizen Science, Scientific Monitoring, Plant Life Cycles, Environmental Stewardship, Basic Gardening, and of course, Pollinators!


Sprouting Change 

Through a seed-ball making workshop, we explore what it means to be a steward, and how to nurture change in our lives. We start by considering three stewardship intentions:

1. one for ourself
2. one for our community
3. one for our planet
The seeds represent the intentions and the compost is the support that intention needs to become a habit. 
Next, we discuss native plants and where/how to plant that seed ball in the local eco-system. In this way, the old-school, guerilla-style 'seed bombing' gets a sustainability makeover.